О нас говорят
RODINA Grand Hotel & SPA
О нас говорят
Family Vacation
Subtropical Park 15Ha
4 gourmet restaurants and 4 bars
Private Beach
Outdoor and Indoor Pools
Kids club with animators and workshops
All Inclusive: Wellness, Medical Treatments, Eco Gastronomy by Brand Chef
2 conference rooms
2 panoramic terraces
VIP Catering
3 sites for field registration
Personal Leisure Concierge
Historic Interiors for Top Events
The most detailed check-up for 500 indicators
Online follow-up by a doctor after completing the program
Titled Doctors
The unique "Orlov method" for healing the body
Complex of hardware methods - about 40 units
Healing by the sea concept
2 guests
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Reviews of our guests

The time spent at RODINA Grand Hotel & SPA gives you a lot of exceptional and pleasant emotions. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a luxurious wellness holiday with the help of reviews from our guests and partners.

Alyona Kolodina

An expert in the field of hospitality

What is the Longevity Health Club at the RODINA Hotel? It's wonderful, proper nutrition, like in Michelin restaurants; it's amazing professionals of the medical spectrum; it's gorgeous SPA treatments; it's very cozy and caring staff; it's gorgeous views of the sea and nature, of course; it's such a unity and magic of soul and body. I recommend everyone to come to the RODINA hotel and spend a wonderful holiday here with a wellness effect. 
The most effective and efficient procedure that I underwent at the RODINA Health and Longevity Club is bioacoustic correction of a person's psychophysiological state, which finds a problem and solves it. A recommendation for all guests who are going to the RODINA hotel and visit the Health and Longevity Club - come here in any mood, in any condition, because they will give you wings here, they will cure you of all diseases here and give you the most wonderful Sochi mood.
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Арсений Труханов

Президент Национальной академии активного долголетия

The first reason why I would recommend all guests to visit the RODINA Hotel is the flagship hotel of the RODINA Health Club chain.

This is one of the first such initiatives in our country and it is unique in its kind.

It originated right here, on the Black Sea coast, so visiting the flagship RODINA hotel you will understand how the entire network of the Health  Club in Moscow, Irkutsk, Kislovodsk, in the Far East will work in the future and recharge with this vitamin of vivacity and longevity.

The second is a unique place in the subtropical climate of Sochi on the Black Sea coast, so one conversation with a preventive
medicine doctor is enough to understand that walking through this unique park, inhaling the aromas of eucalyptus, studying those relict plants that grow here in this park, swimming in the sea and doing physical exercises, you will again get this charge of cheerfulness, youth, longevity and you will always leave with a positive impression.

The third reason is one of the following
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Елена Кудашкина

Главный врач клиники "ПревентаМед"

This is my first time in this facility and I am grateful to the organizers for inviting us to hold a procession here. I can say that I travel a lot and I have a lot of watching. The place is gorgeous, it's gorgeous with its interior, its people who work here. The staff is unique, here is the location of the place, the sea, the nature that surrounds us is already enough to simply get the pleasure of life here, the thrill of life from staying. The staff is beyond praise. This story of hospitality, it is simply unique here: from the simplest worker who greets and smiles on the street. I do not know how you did it, what kind of shamanism is used in this territory, but it is exactly so, so there is nothing wrong with hospitality here. And the fact that the management here is working on how to make the guests' stay even more cool, how to make the Health Club even more a club of active longevity — this is also beyond praise. We, as industry experts who practice medicine, with active longevity, we shared what we could, and gave everything we have gained over the years. I think this will be implemented soon and people visiting this wonderful place will still be surprised by the new standards of a personalized approach in medicine, although there is already the very basic necessary minimum that is accepted in anti-aging medicine as the gold standard. Therefore, the people staying here will already receive it. Then they keep working and want to make it even cooler. It's more high-tech, and it's definitely going to be here. Therefore, I take my hat off to the management!
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Любовь Бачина

Бизнес-аналитик в сфере anti-age

There are several reasons why you need to come to the RODINA Health and Longevity Club: here we get new knowledge, health technologies, we get very high-quality services, comfortable accommodation, beautiful views, a new worldview, how to deal with your health, how to get excellent results and use the technologies that are offered here.

A wonderful hotel, a wonderful Health and Longevity Club. I recommend everyone to use these services.
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Irina Korochuk

Cosmetologist, Edengard clinic

The first thing I would like to note is that the RODINA Health and Longevity Club is one of the few institutions that strives to combine an integrated approach to your rest and wellness.

And in my opinion, three important postulates of preventive medicine are combined here: this is a healthy sleep, an incredibly comfortable stay in the rooms, in full aesthetics, harmony and enveloping care of all the staff, which is felt from the entrance.

And the second is a healthy diet, which will be individually selected for you by the chef according to your standards.

The third is, of course, the healing procedures, which will also be individually selected just for you, with physical activity, combined with the sea air and incredibly beautiful territory, will give that unforgettable impression and resource even for a short stay here.
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Unique wellness programs

RODINA Health Club's medical programs include comprehensive diagnostics, body recovery, stress reduction and quality of life improvement in a short period of time. We suggest starting your wellness with the basic program "Healthy Longevity", but if you want to choose a personal program, then take this short test.

Detox and body shaping

Detox and body shaping

Antistress and healthy sleep

Antistress and healthy sleep

Recovery of the body

Recovery of the body

Healthy back

Healthy back

Silver age 65+

Silver age 65+