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Sleep is a vital part of our lives, providing quality daytime functioning and psychological well-being. Sleep disturbance is often the result of prolonged exposure to stress on the body and leads to a decrease in immunity, exacerbation of chronic diseases and depression of cognitive functions. On the basis of objective diagnostics and unique therapeutic methods, the RODINA Health Club created a separate direction "Somnology", the task of which is to prevent undesirable health consequences that may occur against the background of sleep deprivation.

The RODINA Health Club provides the most favorable conditions for restoring healthy sleep for each guest. A mild subtropical climate, a menu of bed linen and pillows, as well as stylish rooms, personal training and spa treatments will allow you to fully appreciate the benefits of an effective wellness destination and premium level relaxation.

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  • Get rid of insomnia
  • Eliminate difficulty falling asleep 
  • Improve sleep quality and eliminate frequent awakenings 
  • You are worried about being very tired during the day and lack of energy 
  • Problems with concentration 
  • Apnea correction
  • Comprehensive diagnostics with the preparation of a personal recovery strategy
  • Conducting cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia 
  • Individual recommendations for sleep hygiene and self-regulation 
  • An individual nutrition plan based on testing the body and determining the deficiency of micro and macro elements necessary for healthy sleep 
  • Passing a course of xenon therapy, which allows not only to normalize the emotional background, but also provides long-term correction of the neurotransmitter balance of the brain 
  • In a short time, the normalization of the psycho-emotional sphere, improving the quality of sleep, increasing stress resistance and efficiency
The therapist will teach you:

- recognize those behaviors that prevent you from falling asleep
- learn to suspend or control negative experiences, the stream of thoughts that entails a sleepless night
- form the right habits that will help you fall asleep and make your sleep more restful
  • Computed somography Watchpat 200 (includes a consultation with a neurologist-somnologist based on the results of the study) for outpatient diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

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RODINA Health Club

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